Open a Your Own Free Webstore

Have you always wanted to design and sell your own printed t-shirts? Do you have flair for design, and ideas in your head you need to get out and print? Even a band, charity, company, team that you want to sell your own printed t-shirts for and make some $$? Well, now you can, for free with DigiTees.

Set-up a store, upload your designs and start selling. It's that easy!

We even give you a 10% discount so you make more commission.

Set-up and hosting of the site with DigiTees is free. You only need to open a paypal business account - also free. 

How Do You Start?

1. Click the button below

2. Fill out a short form and add your paypal details

3. Select from our range of fully customizable templates

4. Choose quality blank clothing from our product range to print your designs on

5. Add the markup price you want your products to sell for - this is your profit

When your customer buys your product, they pay us, we produce the product and ship it straight to their door, and most importantly, pay you. You don't have to do anything except watch the $$ roll in. There's no piles of unsold stock as your customers orders are printed on demand, and are prepaid.


  • A fully functional web store to sell your products
  • 28 fully customizable templates to choose from
  • Access to HTML and CSS to provide endless customization options
  • Web store sales statistics and reports to track your product
  • Google Analytics to monitor your web store traffic
  • Use your own website URL to promote your brand
  • No set-up fee, no minimum print-runs
  • Set your own profit margins
  • Links to social-networking websites
  • Online designer to decorate our blank products with your designs
  • Newsletters and vouchers
  • Relabeling service through our main supplier - for more details see http://www.ascolour.co.nz/info/relabeling-service.html

Click here to open your own free online store.


  HInts and Tips for your free webstore

Here are some hints and tips for getting the most from your store. We will be adding more as we think of them, so check back often.

  • Submit your site to Google
  • Have a Facebook page, and market to your fans every day
  • Have a gallery of images that show people wearing your designs
  • Facebook ads really work!
  • Make sure you add your logo to our Store Directory .

Is there a limit to the number of t-shirt designs?

No. You can have as many as you like.

Do I need a business or personal Paypal account?

Only a personal one is needed as you will only be receiving one commission payment per month, directly from our Paypal account.

How can I order from my own store?

There are three ways to do this.

A) You order through your website with the markup and then the mark up is automatically paid back out to you at the end of the month.
B) You take off the markup on the products you want to order, and then order them, and then add the markup back on.
C) You could order direct through Digitees www.digitees.co.nz and you will just have to recreate the designs you would like to order.

Customer reviews

Hi guys, Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your service. Great quality t-shirts (better than anywhere else I've found), very reasonable prices and really fast turnaround. Even though I didn't pay the extra for a rush order, it arrived really quickly. So thank you and awesome job! I'll definitely use you again. Cheers, Mikaela

I ordered my t shirt a few days ago and I hate the service!!!! JOKES!HAHA. I literally order my shirt and design like 3 days ago and it's already arrived here :) you guys are fantastic. Thank you so much for my shirt I love it! you guys just earnt yourself another loyal customer :) plus I'l pass the word along onto my mates.

The shirts were great quality, hoodies real warm and graphics excellent. Will definitely use your service again.

Thank you so much! The process of ordering these t shirts has been absolutely fantastic and thank you for the great communication. Thank you so much for your fantastic service!

Thank you so much for all your help!! Your website is by far the easiest and best for tshirt designing:) ..... Apart from the initial face he made, it was nothing but laughter from there on out. It was perfect!  Thank you so much for all your assistance! 

Got it. LOVE it. Will use you again thanks!! Really like the printing quality too - the inks don't sit rubbery-like on the material.
Fiona C, Director

Just wanted to say how awesome a job you guys have done on our codeavengers tshirts. They have become extremely popular. We appreciate your prompt and reliable service. 
Fiona W 

Just to say thank you so much for the awesome T Shirts.  My Dad loved them and we will enjoy having our family in Auckland, Here and Australia wearing them on St Patricks. Will look to throw much more business your way!
Kristin D
Thanks so much for your help, you were my 4th call and the ONLY person who was interested in helping me :) Thank you so much for getting then done so quickly for me!
Nicola W