Free Webstore Tips and FAQ

Here are some hints and tips for getting the most from your store. For more general questions, please see our FAQ page.







Do you have any videos or articles to help set up a store?

Yes, these we do. Please check our Help Videos page. For more extensive help articles and videos to help you set up your store, click here. If you have any questions that aren't answered in the help section, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We also have a Store Setup service which starts at $199.

Is there a limit to the number of t-shirt designs or products?

No. You can have as many as you like.

Are there any set up charges or ongoing charges?

No, it's all free for you to set up.

What products are available?

All of the products on our website are available to dropship, except for those that are Screenprint or Embroidery only, as they require a minimum order of ten units of the same design.

What if something is out of stock?

Like most other printers, we do not hold stock of all the apparel options we have on our site, and order them from our suppliers once orders are confirmed. Occasionally an item your customer has ordered on your site, will be out of stock with our supplier. This is out of our control. We will always let them know by the next business day after their order and will either give alternatives, or can fully refund for any out of stock items.

Do I have to answer any customer questions?

Any notes from customers on their orders come to us, so we answer them on your behalf. Any submissions from the contact form on your site go to you so you would need to answer them or forward to us. You can tell the difference because order emails have the order number in the subject line, and submissions through your contact form have "Form Submission from" in the subject. If you don't want customers to be able to contact you directly, please remove the contact page from your site.

Do you offer relabelling ?

Yes we offer relabelling of AS Colour products only, and the minimum order is 20 units which can be a mixture of items. The relabelling is done by AS Colour and we do not mark up their pricing. You can view the relabelling pricing here. Please note that relabelling takes at least a week, and sometimes longer in busy periods, and our five working day production time starts from when we receive the garments from AS Colour. Often it's quicker and easier to incorporate your logo into your printed design, and is more visible to your customers anyway. However, we cannot offer this option for our webstores due to the minimum order requirements for relabelling.

Can I set up an ordering portal for my company/school/club so people can order individually but we can pay for all orders?

Yes - there are two ways of doing this.

You can purchase gift vouchers through your merch store that you can send to each person to pre-pay for their order.

We can also set it up so that people can place an order which then gets billed to your company. We require the order to be paid before production so you would need to have someone paying the invoices once the order has been placed.
We can automatically send the the invoices to that person as the orders get placed.

The merch stores can be password protected, so you can send the link and password to people you specify.

What if I already have my own website?

You can set up a free webstore and then embed it as a page on your existing website. Customers will be able to order direct from us. To do this, usually you add a page on your website, and then redirect to an external URL, which would be If you need any help with this, please contact your website platform helpdesk, eg Shopify, Wordpress, Wix.

Some examples are:

If you already have a shop on your website and you don't want a separate shop page, you can screenshot your designs on our products and load them to your own website, eg Shopify. Customers purchase through your Shopify site.

You can then order manually through and we can either ship to you or direct to your customer. If you order through you would have to put a note in with each order asking to send non branded care cards.

Or if you do create a free webstore to use as an ordering portal, you get a 10% discount and you also don’t have to put the notes in each time not to send any Digitees branded care instructions. You can password protect it so that only you see it. The setting to add a password is under Store Configuration>Customer Options. You would need to change the Shipping Address to your customer's details. Please do not change the Billing Address as that will overwrite any orders already in our system.

Or finally it is possible to connect your store to your free Digitees store so that you don't have to order manually, but will require a developer to set it up. There is more info at this link:

Alternatively, we have a developer who has already set this integration up for Shopify and WooCommerce.

The integration works like this:

  1. Once set up, your customers will be able to purchase products and check out on your Shopify/Wordpress site at your final retail pricing. They will be able to add any other products you sell as well.
  2. The order will come to us at your cost pricing, this is the cost price without any commission added.
  3. It will bring over any designs, colours, sizes, shipping address etc without you having to do anything.
  4. The only thing you will need to do is make the payment for each order to enable production to go ahead. You will have already received full payment from your customer.
  5. We then print and ship the order direct to your customer as usual, or to you if you prefer.

The developer charges a monthly charge of approximately $100 for the integration, and a set up charge of $500.

Please note, none of this charge goes to us, it goes to the independent developer who has created the integration.

How are my designs protected?

There is an option to watermark your designs. On the website only low resolution images are displayed. The high resolution files are only available to our Production team for printing.

What is the difference between "Designs" and "Products"?

These are just different ways to display your designs. We advise just doing one or the other, as both can be confusing for your customer. In New Zealand it seems Decorated Products are more easily sold than Designs. 

Can I change the name of my store or have my own URL?

Yes you can change the name of your store any time. You can also have your own URL. You just need to purchase a domain name.

The instructions on how to set it up are on the left hand side of the Domain Settings page in your website.

If your domain name is
Your A record should be >
And CNAME * >

What size should my designs be?

Our maximum print size is 40 x 45cm, and 300dpi. If it's a raster or Photoshop file it should be at least 300dpi. Vector files can resize to any size without losing quality, and you can easily change the colours in our designer, eg making it black on white tees, or white on black tees.

How do I know the designs will be the right size and in the right place? 

We print at 100% size in most cases. We do resize the designs in proportion to the size of the top for very small or very large sizes. These measurements you see on our online designer are the same whether you have chosen an XS top or a 3XL, which of course would mean if we stuck to those measurements, the designs would be too big on an XS and too small on a 3XL. We also sometimes adjust the positioning of the design to what most people want if we think it might have been accidentally positioned wrong, eg we centre designs that are slightly off centre. If you have specific size or location requirements we are totally happy to print them as you want them, but you MUST notify us by putting a note on your order.

How can I order samples from my own store?

There are three ways to do this.

A) You order through your website with the markup and then the mark up is automatically paid back out to you at the end of the month.

B) You take off the markup on the products you want to order, and then order them, and then add the markup back on.

C) You could order direct through Digitees and you will just have to recreate the designs you would like to order. You would not receive the 10% discount but would be eligible for our quantity discounts instead, which start at 5+.

How do I log in?

You have to log in directly to your store url, not the main Digitees site. So

I have made changes to my website but it still looks the same on the public site. How can I get it to update?

Please make sure you have published your changes, and depending on your own computer settings, you might need to clear your browser cache or history.

I have changed some of the categories but the old ones are still showing in the navigation drop down menu. How can I get it to update?

If you add /flush_site to the end of your URL this will clear it out, eg

Why do my current orders say: "Awaiting stock", "Awaiting processing" or "Awaiting purchase order"?

They are just stages in our Production process. Either they are ready to go to print or they need stock ordered from our suppliers. 

Why does my store say "Not Secure?"

It takes 2 minutes to make it secure, check our help videos page.



How much do I make for each item sold?

We give you an automatic 10% discount on the prices you see on our website. You can set your selling price to be whatever you like. The difference between these two is your profit.

When will I get paid?

Your commission is paid automatically on the last day of the month to your Paypal account. You can also request your commission at any time via the button in your account in the commission section. Only commissions that have been shipped during that calendar month will be cleared for payment.

Do I need a business or personal Paypal account?

Only a personal one is needed as you will only be receiving one commission payment per month, directly from our Paypal account. You can sign up for free here.

Can you just pay into my bank account instead?

No sorry, we have over 2000 stores so are unable to process manual transactions.

Can I offer coupon discounts?

Unfortunately coupon discounts are not available as they would also discount the wholesale price which is already 10% discounted.
We advise starting off with "Launch Pricing" which is basically an introductory offer at a lower price until a certain date, and then raise your prices.
Or alternatively if you have enabled Gift Certificates on your store, you can purchase as many of these as you like and send them to your customers to use as a discount.

Can I put some items on sale?

You can reduce items in price but it won’t show the before and after sale price in the front end.
Other customers have got around this by changing the name of the product instead, eg Staple Tee was $35 now $30 and changing the graphic on the front to put a sale sticker on it.

How can I get the prices to round?

IIf you are not using the default markup, you will need to adjust each price manually if you would like a rounded total. The price rounding feature only works on pre GST pricing so it won't be rounded once GST is added. We are working to get this changed but it's a complex coding task.

Can I create a store to use as an ordering portal for my team or company, but I pay for the tees? Yes this is possible. Your customers can order via your website and click pay by Invoice, which would mean they don't get charged. We then invoice you instead. You will need to contact us to set this up once you have set up your website. Please note we don't offer credit accounts, so all orders must be paid before processing.



How do you ship your products?

We ship in home and commercially compostable courier satchels.

Is anything Digitees branded sent to my customers?

No. We send a generic washing instructions card in our packages.
You are welcome to supply us with your own branded version or postcards etc which we can insert with your orders.
These must be A6 or smaller please.

The text required is:
"Please wash before wearing | Cold wash, inside out | Do not tumble dry | Do not iron print
Any slight shading or spots around your print should wash out in the first wash."



How can I make some sales?

It's definitely easier to sell your merchandise if you have an audience/followers. If you are new, make sure you create Facebook and Instagram pages, and Tiktok, and market to your fans often. You may need to pay for some ads to get going.

Have a gallery of images that show people wearing your designs - we notice that images of people perform better than just the tee.

If you tag us in your posts, we will reshare if appropriate to our thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram. Also make sure you add your logo to our Store Directory for higher visibility, as people viewing our Store Directory page can click through to your site.

I've searched for my site but it doesn't come up, why is this?

In terms of searching, it takes a while to come up in Google results. This is called SEO and there are lots of businesses and agencies that can help with this but it is a bit of a time consuming and costly exercise. You will eventually start to show up but the best way to bring traffic at the start is to use social media and possibly advertising if you have the budget.

Can I add a pop up form to my website to get people to sign up to my newsletters?

IYes you can. You will need to set up a Mailchimp account first.

  • In Mailchimp, select Integrations>Custom site
  • Follow the instructions to get your custom code
  • Copy code
  • In your Digitees store, select Edit Website,>Customise Template HTML>Default>Custom Snippets
  • Paste the code in your Head snippet, then click Save and Publish
  • Go back to Mailchimp and click check connection

You should now be able to create a Pop Up form in Mailchimp and it will automatically connect to your site.


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